Congratulations to the presenters who were recognized at the 5th Annual Radiation Oncology Scientific Retreat!

This year's retreat was held Saturday, February 27th, 2016 at Mt. Washington Conference Center


Moderator, Fred Bunz, summed up the day perfectly. 

"Saturday’s retreat was a rare opportunity for us to gather to talk about

the many research projects and programs that are ongoing across the department.

The organizers would like to extend their thanks to everyone who

attended, presented, contributed their thoughts, and made the day a success.  

We were particularly inspired by the trainees, who together represent the future of our field.

After seeing their presentations, we’re sure everyone would agree that the future is looking bright!"




Left to right: 1st place, Kekoa Taparra; Honorable Mention, Ariel Marciscano; 3rd place, Xuan Hui; 2nd place, Russ Hales (on behalf of JP Senter); Theodore DeWeese, Director and Chair, Radiation Oncology and Molecular Radiation Sciences