·        New Post-doctoral FellowDr. Arlene Oei (PhD) has joined the Ivkov lab in July. She received her PhD from the University of Amsterdam. She joins us on a joint fellowship representing a collaborative effort between the Department of Radiation Oncology at the Academic Medical Center (AMC), University of Amsterdam, and our department here at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.


Fellowships and training completed:

·        PhD degrees conferred:
Rajeev Hatwar (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Whiting School of Engineering, Johns Hopkins University) successfully defended his PhD thesis on July 13, 2014. His thesis, “Applications of heat and mass transfer analysis in bio-medicine and materials” represents work conducted in the laboratories of Robert Ivkov (Radiation Oncology) and Cila Herman (retired, Mechanical Engineering), with collaboration of Dr. Eleni Liapi (Radiology). He was co-mentored by Robert Ivkov (Radiation Oncology) and Charles Meneveau (Mechanical Engineering). Dr. Hatwar has accepted a position at the Fort Dietrich DoD Research Laboratory. We wish him success.


·        Frederik Soetaert (Fulbright Scholar in the Ivkov Lab 2015-2016) successfully defended his PhD dissertation at the University of Ghent, on July 14, 2017. His thesis, “Experimental and numerical analysis of magnetic nanoparticle hyperthermia: An interdisciplinary cancer treatment” represents work he conducted in the Ivkov Lab. It has resulted in several publications. He was co-mentored by Luc Dupre and Guillaume Crevecoeur, University of Ghent, Belgium; and, Robert Ivkov (Rad Onc, JHU SOM).


Other completed fellowships and training:

·        James Barnett (PREP Scholar, 2015-2017) has successfully completed his PREP training program in the Ivkov Laboratory. He has been accepted into the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Cell and Molecular Medicine PhD program. His research project, “Hyperthermia induces delayed ATR-dependent activation on DNA damage repair in colorectal cancer cells”, is an active collaboration between the Ivkov and Bunz labs.


·        Kyle Barrie, REU INBT summer research intern has completed his summer research in the Ivkov Lab. He was co-mentored by Drs. Anirudh Sharma and Robert Ivkov.



·         Two original research papers have published that resulted from work conducted in the Ivkov laboratory, and collaborations. Both are open access and freely available. The research and results described in both publications advances development of standards in nanomedicine, contributing to the establishment of rigor and reproducibility in biomedical applications of nanotechnology.


·         Publisher links below provide direct access to the early online releases of both papers.  (collaboration with DeWeese laboratory)




·         All the best to this month’s award applicants: Dr. Sonia Franco, Dr. Fred Bunz, Dr. Junghoon Lee, Dr. Hailun Wang, Dr. Phuoc Tran, Dr. Audrey Lafargue


·         The following funding opportunities are open:


Thank You:

To all of the wonderful students and volunteers who worked in the labs over the summer.  We wish them a happy and successful 2017-2018 school year!