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Experimental Irradiators

The Experimental Irradiator Core maintains and operates sources of ionizing radiation for use by Cancer Center members in their experimental studies. Services performed by the resource staff include training in the operation of the sources, advice to users on the design of experiments using radiation, scheduling use of the sources, operating the sources when necessary, dosimetry for new experimental setups, and maintenance and repair of the resources. When not in use by members, these facilities are also available to non-members on an increased-fee basis.



Maintains and operates sources of ionizing radiation for use by Cancer Center Members in their experimental studies



·         New users receive a demonstration on operating an irradiator and further training as required.

·         Resource Director consistently verifies that proper procedures are being followed, in particular, whether sample holders are being properly cleaned after animal use to prevent spread of infections. Additional help is provided to users who do not know the appropriate dose or dose rate and for novel sample setups.

·         Routine inspection and maintenance on irradiators.


Esteban Velarde, B.Sc. 

SKCCC Experimental Irradiators Core Manager


Online Scheduling

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Cell Imaging Core

Director Fred Bunz, M.D., Ph.D.
Manager Leslie Meszler, BA CRB G26 4-4414
Co-Director Alan D. Meeker, Ph.D.
Research Technician Lillian Dasko-Vincent CRB G-26 4-4414

The Cell Imaging Core Facility’s goal is to provide state-of-the-art cell imaging technologies to SKCCC investigators. Direct support from the NIH and the SKCCC keeps the cost of these services low. Recent growth has allowed us to expand our range of services.



·         Brightfield and fluorescent microscopy

·         Odyssey ®- Infrared Imaging System

·         Confocal Microscopy

·         Timelapse Microscopy

·         Stereoscopic Microscopy

·         Multicolor FISH workstation

·         Laser Capture Microdissection

·         Lightools Research Whole Mouse Imaging System

·         Cameras and Imaging Software

·         Flow Cytometry


For more information on Services and Rates please visit the Cell Imaging Core website.