Fred Bunz Lab Research


The Bunz laboratory is dedicated to studying the effects of radiation and therapeutic drugs on cancer cells and normal tissues.  The molecular focus of these studies is the DNA damage signaling network.  The complex and interconnected pathways that compose this network modulate the responses of normal proliferating cells and cancer cells to the affects of DNA damage.  A growing body of evidence suggests that the genes involved in the DNA damage responses also play an important role in sensing the early oncogenic changes that occur as cancers develop from normal precursor cells.  DNA damage responses are thus thought to be critical in suppressing tumorigenesis, and in eliminating nascent cancer cells by triggering apoptosis, cell cycle arrest and senescence.  The studies in the Bunz laboratory are focused on how DNA damage signaling affects the regulation of the cell cycle and cell survival, both in cancer cells and in the stem cell populations from which cancers arise.


Recent Publications


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